Sweeper truck

Tweet There are so many days when I wonder why Mia would want to put up with my crazy ideas all the time.  And the day that I came home with a sweeper/ vacuum truck was one of those days. I was on my way home from work and I noticed a sweeper truck for […]


Tweet I was approached in 2010 by a friend of mine who is in the construction business.  He mostly remodels homes for a living and he is really good.  Intelligent, hard working, one of the best in the profession.  He is a guy that you could hire to do a job and you don’t have […]

Crazy Idea

Tweet A few days ago I was looking at Business Insider, as I usually do every day for a few  minutes.  I came across a business that just seemed to be insane to me.  About 10 years ago, college roommates were looking for ways to make some extra money to pay rent.  They were dirt […]


Tweet If you are picking up on the trend, you have noticed that I tend to be the person in the relationship with all of the crazy ideas.  Although that may be very true, Mia has come up with her fair share of bad business ventures.  However, the most successful one that Mia had is when she […]

House Flip

Tweet A few years ago, Mia and I were trying to think of something to do in our spare time.  A way to make extra money.  We had been watching a few of the house flipping television shows that were on all the time, and decided that we should give it a try.  With myself […]

Big Thoughts

Tweet Over the years, Mia and I have had hundreds of ideas on ways to make money.  Just like most people probably do, and we have followed up on very few of those ideas. My favorite website to follow is Business Insider.  It has so many good business ideas and it helps generate ideas from […]

A little background

Tweet   Hey guys, Tony here!  Glad you are following our story.  It’s nothing glamorous or fame or fortune.  Not yet anyhow. Just two people, one couple, trying to figure out what it takes to make it in life.  What does it take to be successful? We are both thirty something, happily together for half […]